Nosey Dogs Classes with John Wade!

Does Your Dog Need More Stimulation?
Then Let’s Teach Your Dog to Search . . .
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  • Relieves Boredom
  • For All Breeds
  • No Obedience Required
  • Puppies Love It
  • So Do Elderly and/or Disabled Dogs
  • Builds Confidence
  • Helps With Anxiety
  • Physical Fitness Isn’t a Factor
  • No Homework!

Sign Up for Beginners Classes Starting Tuesday July 16th – August 20th

6 – 7 PM

7:15 – 8:15 PM

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5:45 – 6:15 PM

8:30 – 9:00 PM

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Teach your dog to find his or her treats, toys, dinner and/or a unique scent – just like a working dog! Most dogs need more stimulation then we can often provide and a byproduct of this at its worst is that an idle mind is the devil’s workshop and bad habits and behaviour problems can and often do develop. At it’s best we have an intelligent but bored unstimulated canine companion. Nosey Dogs is an activity that can provide enormous daily mental stimulation right in the comfort of your own home and yard. Once you teach your dog how to search, you can start giving your dog a great mental workout every morning – while you’re getting ready for work and later that night before bed while you’re watching television!

In this class your dog starts with a “happy find” and moves on to searching for a familiar scent – usually a treat, sometimes a toy. The “hide” grows more complicated each time. The scent might be inside of something, behind something, up high, under a carpet etc. When your dog is ready we introduce a scent (birch oil) along with the now familiar scent.

Two Dogs – 10% Discount – Can be 2 dogs with the same owner or two friends, each with a dog signing up together. Maximum 8 to a class.

(You don’t need to send the same handler with the dog every week.)

Everyone Nose That ‘Nosey Dogs’ are the Happiest Dogs!

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