About John Wade

Your Nosey Dogs Class Instructor – John Wade

Background and Experience

I have been helping dog owners help their dogs with a wide range of problems for over 20 years. Every breed, every problem that you can think of; puppy basics, anxiety, aggression, house training, and more.John Wade in Marmora

I’ve written several ebooks for dog owners and dog professionals alike. The best seller is a practical guide  for dog owners: “The Beautiful Balance – Dog Training with Nature’s Template

I also get to travel quite a bit to teach at conferences for dog trainers, the veterinary profession and other similar venues. I train municipal law enforcement officers about safety around dogs on the job and helped put a similar program in place for letter carriers across the country.

Quite a few years ago I began writing a practical pet column advice for the local newspaper and some time after it was picked up for syndication and is now in newspapers with a combined circulation of 6 million.

I also designed a dog training collar. It’s extremely effective in controlling a dog that has other things on its mind then training. (Power Steering for Your Dog) The collar has made it way easier for dog owners to keep their arms in their sockets while training their dogs. It stays in place up high, under the jaw and behind the ears where a collar has the most affect. There’s no fiddling.

– John Wade